Preclinical models for pulmonary disease and drug delivery

microscopeAllergenix has been involved in translational research projects for the testing of new compounds/delivery systems, and in contract research with Biotechnology/Pharma companies for more than 10 years – for further details contact us.


Some examples of published/past work involving Allergenix:

  • A Comparison of the Pharmacokinetics and Pulmonary Lymphatic Exposure of a Generation 4 PEGylated Dendrimer Following Intravenous and Aerosol Administration to Rats and Sheep (2016). Download PHARM RES, 2016


  • Nebulized perflubron and carbon dioxide rapidly dilate constricted airways in an ovine model of allergic asthma (2014). Download RESP RES, 2014 (see also video link:  airway bronchodilator - rapid bronchodilation effect observed following test delivery of a proprietary agent)


  • Pulmonary Delivery of an Ultra-Fine Oxytocin Dry Powder Formulation: Potential for Treatment of Postpartum Haemorrhage in Developing Countries (2013). Download - PLoS ONE, 2013a (see also video link: dry-powder delivery - demonstration of pulmonary delivery of a dry-powder formulation into sheep airways; this was performed using a Penn-Century dry powder insufflator and fibre-optic endoscope positioned at the distal end of the trachea near the first bronchial bifurcation)


  • KCa3.1 Channel-Blockade Attenuates Airway Pathophysiology in a Sheep Model of Chronic Asthma (2013)Download - PLoS ONE, 2013b


Key references